Free Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

When you accidentally delete a file or your system crashes it can give you a sinking feeling that you will never see the file again. There are several programs out there that will promise to recover your lost files at little to no cost. I do want to caution you about the potential to lose data and it may not work. It can leave you thinking that the data is not recoverable when a quick call to Dave’s Computers could have recovered your files.

One of these solutions is EaseUS Data Recovery Software. There are two versions of the software, a free version, and a paid version. The free version will allow you to recover up to 2GB of data. It does not include the file repair that is included in the paid version.


  • You can recover files from the Recycle Bin, SSD, USB thumb/pin drive, HHD, SD card, etc.
  • Recover deleted files such as pictures, videos, emails, and other documents and files as well
  • It can recover even if the drive has been formatted or the partition has been lost
  • A new feature is that it can repair corrupted files as well (paid version only)
  • Successful recovery rate of 99.7%
  • Works with over 2000 type of storage devices and over 1000 file types


  • Possibly make data recovery in the future impossible
  • Can make data recovery harder in the future
  • Can make the hard drive fail sooner
  • The quality of the data may not be what you need to use the file again

While you may see that this is a cheap “solution”, sometimes you do get what you pay for. These free or nominal fee data recovery software programs can cause irreparable harm to your storage device or cause the data to become unrecoverable. By calling Dave’s Computers you can rest assured that your data will be recovered without loss of data or damage to the storage device.

Tech Requirements

  • Windows 7 and up
  • Windows Server 2003 and up
  • Supports FAT, ext2/ext3/HFS+/ReFS exFAT/NTFS/NTFS5 file systems
  • 32MB available storage space
  • CPU: x86 or better
  • RAM: 128mb or more

How To

The interface of the EaseUS Data Recovery software is very simple to use. There are only three steps to recover your data:

  1. Select the location that you want to scan for the files(s) that you want to recover.
  2. Scan the location from the next screen.
  3. Review the results and recover the files that you want. If you know the file type, you can select it from the Type tab at the top, the date or you can sort by size as well. Once you have done this click on recover.


Is data recovery software safe?

It depends on several variables, including the particular program you’re running and the kind of damage to your device, making this a challenging question.

Data recovery software, however, is generally safe and can be a useful tool if you’ve lost vital files. However, it is important to consider that the data that you recover may not be complete or become corrupted, it may not be able to be recovered, and the way that the data is recovered may damage your storage device. To alleviate these concerns and to get the best results without data loss, corruption, or storage device loss call Dave’s Computers!

How can I recover deleted files from my PC?

You can recover your data from the recycle bin. This would need to be done before emptying the recycle bin:

1. To access the recycle bin, double-click on the recycle bin icon.

2. Look for the folder(s) and/or file(s) you want to recover.

3. To return the file(s) and/or folder(s) to their original location right-click and select restore.

How does data recovery software work?

You can use data recovery software to restore deleted or lost files from your devices. Data is not completely removed from your storage device when a file is deleted. The occupied file space is simply noted as vacant and open to new data. It is possible to retrieve old data using specialized software as long as it hasn’t been overwritten. A  data recovery program will search your device for the data. You can perform a quick scan or a deep scan. A quick scan will look in common areas on the disk. If the quick scan is unsuccessful, then a deep scan will be required to see if the file is recoverable. Once the data has been discovered, the files can then be recovered and saved. In the majority of situations, deleted files may be successfully recovered using data recovery software with little to no damage, however there is still a risk of some damage to the storage device.

How can I recover permanently deleted files for free?

One of the best data recover tools is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be used to recover permanently deleted files. You can download the software here