Data Recovery: Data Loss Dos and Don’ts

Data breaches are all over the news, and it’s not just mega-corporations like Sony and Target – health insurance companies and even government agencies have been the subject of hacks and data loss. As a small business owner, you might not think you have to worry as much as these high-profile organizations. However, every business has a responsibility to their employees and clients to protect sensitive data. So if you have yet to speak with an IT consulting firm about what you should do to avoid data loss and proper data recovery techniques, here are a few dos and don’ts to consider.

Data Recovery: Data Loss Dos and Don’ts to Consider

DO: Know the law. There are federal laws in place that spell out the standards for protection against data breaches and loss, as well as regulations pertaining to proper notification in the event of a data breach. Your IT support and data recovery service provider should be able to help you figure out what you need to do to comply. Don’t forget, many states have additional laws, so check those in your state to make sure you’re up-to-date and operating within the law.

DON’T: Assume you’re not a target. Just because you’re a small operation doesn’t mean you aren’t a target for hackers looking to steal identities or other private information. As any New Jersey tech support provider will probably tell you, your business makes for a much easier target in some ways since you don’t’ have the same protections in place as larger competitors. Even with basic security settings like a firewall, virus protection, and passwords, you could still be far more prone to breach than larger targets.

DO: Prep for failure. Hiring a managed services provider to maintain your off-site data back-up is a great place to start when it comes to protecting yourself from data loss, but don’t forget about the monitoring, maintenance, remote support, and other services these vendors can provide. All can help you to avoid breaches and data loss, as well as create a plan for decisive action should the worst occur.

DON’T: Ignore inside threats. You might be understandably worried about hackers getting into your system, but don’t forget that your employee could also be responsible for data loss. What if they’re engaging in risky behavior like sharing passwords, visiting dangerous websites, or clicking spammy links while using your network? They could open doors to malicious code, spyware, and even hackers looking to steal or damage your data. Having a help desk service to keep an eye on network usage and report suspicious activity could nip such problems in the bud.

DO: Test regularly. Your computer support in New Jersey should be able to help you out with regular testing to ensure that your defenses and back-ups are top notch. After all, what good is spending the money on a system to protect your data without knowing if it works…until it doesn’t?

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