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Whether it is your personal or business computer, a properly functioning keyboard is crucial. While there are plenty of reasons a keyboard might not be working, there are also plenty of troubleshooting methods to use which might resolve the problem. However, if you try these methods and are still experiencing problems, contact the computer repair … Read more


Computers come in all forms: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We all know that computers are constructed of various electrical components and hardware that rely on sophisticated programming for functionality. But, how do computer systems actually work? First, there are input devices that provide the data to the computer. The most common input devices are … Read more

How to Remote Desktop into a Windows 10 PC

Remote Desktop is a utility built into Windows that allows another computer to connect to it and take it over. Usually we recommend disabling this feature for security but sometimes there is a good reason to allow someone else to access your machine. For example, Dave’s Computers also looks after small businesses and it isn’t … Read more

How to stream your games on Twitch

If you’re a gamer, you will likely already know all about Twitch and watch streams often. With over 2 million monthly streams and billions of viewed minutes each month, it’s a huge industry that is growing daily. If you have ever wanted to get in on the action, it’s actually much easier than you might … Read more

The beginners guide to setting up a home network

Little happens in tech that doesn’t require an internet connection to make it happen. Whether you’re investing in a smart home, buying into Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or just want multiple devices to have access to the internet. You need a home network to make it happen. While easier than ever before, there is still … Read more

Top computer security tips for home users

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – Top computer security tips for home users Of all the computer subjects we read about in the media, security is usually top of the agenda. For longer than I can remember, computer users have had to protect their networks and their computers from hacking, viruses and malware. So we were … Read more