What is Full Disk Encryption?

If you own your own business, then you need to know how to properly secure your data. One of the methods you can use to secure your data is by using an encryption technique known as full-disk encryption (FDE). Here’s how it works:


FDE automatically converts data stored on a hard drive into a form that is seemingly unreadable. The only way the data can be useful and functional is via a key that is designed to undo the conversion. Without the key, it does not matter if the hard drive is removed from one workstation and placed into another: it will remain unreadable. Ideal for mobile computer devices such as laptops that can be stolen, FDE ensures that unless the thief has special software, the data stored within the hard drive(s) of the computer is safe and secure.


While FDE sounds like the best approach to ensuring that every byte of data is secured on your businesses’ workstations at first glance, one of the faults of FDE is that it is too secure. Because every single byte of data stored on your servers, workstations, etc. must be encrypted (including the operating system itself), the encrypting/decrypting process can severely slow down access times to your company’s data – especially if virtual memory is being heavily used.


Moreover, you need to also have an encryption key backup procedure in the event that an employee forgets his/her password or someone suddenly leaves the business/is fired. Thus, a strong password policy among the data on your hard drive is crucial. While strong password policies should always be used, continuously updating and keeping track of your company’s FDE encryption keys/backup keys is yet another layer of security you have to continuously monitor at all times.


FDE encrypted drives are also susceptible to data loss threats in the same way as unencrypted hard drives. When data loss occurs and data recovery is needed, this can make recovering the lost data much more complex than normal. Because extra steps must take place in order to recover the encrypted data from the dead hard drive, this can take much longer than normal. Thus, if you need a New Jersey data recovery expert to recover your files as soon as possible? You are likely going to be waiting longer than you want to be.


In business, time is always of the essence – and as the saying goes, time is certainly ‘money.’ One of the hard drives in your company is going to die someday – and it could happen tomorrow. When you do not have time to wait for data to be recovered so you can get back to ‘business as usual,’ consider not using the FDE technique for encrypting your data. There are other alternatives, and the team at Dave’s Computers will show you the best way to encrypt your data without having to worry about slow recovery. After all, slow encrypting/decrypting processes will result in slower data recovery, and when you need the data in an instant? You could lose big potential clients and bigger opportunities.


Even if your business has a hard drive with FDE encryption, call Dave’s Computers promptly and allow us to recover it as quickly as possible. Without hesitation, your data will be recovered as fast as possible despite the FDE encryption, and that is a guarantee only our team can make. Contact us today when you need the data from your FDE-encrypted hard drive recovered, because take it from us: time is most certainly of the essence.

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