Warning Signs Your Hard Drive May Die Soon

Whether you choose to believe it or not, one day, your hard drive is going to crash. The data will disappear, the hard drive will be unusable, and will be forced to purchase another hard drive. Hopefully, you will have already backed up your data before this happens, but most of the time, this isn’t the case. Most people never consider backing up their data regularly until it is too late. If only your hard drive gave you a ‘warning sign’ when it was about to die…


Good news: it does. In fact, hard drives give several warning signs when they are about to die, and when you spot these warning signs? It’s time to obtain data recovery in New Jersey so you don’t lose your data forever. Here are a few of the most common warning signs when a hard drive is about to die.


Odd Noises


Imagine this scenario: You are working on your computer, when suddenly you are startled by an odd grinding noise coming from inside of your computer. You don’t know whether to ignore it, turn off your computer, or open up the computer to see if anything ‘out of the ordinary’ is occurring. What should you do?


Turn off your computer immediately and call data recovery in NJ. Your hard drive does not have much time left, and at any moment, it is going to be completely unusable. You need a professional that can extract the data from the hard drive before it is gone completely, and that’s where we come in.


Your Computer Does Not Recognize the Drive


You boot up your computer one morning, only to discover your computer is no longer recognizing the drive. When this occurs, you probably are not having a problem with the computer – rather, you are seeing signs that your hard drive is on its last legs. Contact our team directly the moment this happens, and allow us to save your data. After all, you can easily replace a hard drive, but the data that is stored within it? It’s priceless.


Data is Corrupt


Have you noticed that you are having difficulty opening files that used to work normally? Have you noticed that certain files are missing completely? If you are, then you need to be aware this could be due to your hard drive about to die on you. While these problems could be due to a few different issues completely unrelated to hard drive issues, the threat is still there. Back up your files as soon as possible, and be prepared for a hard drive crash later.


Computer Crashes


Have you noticed that your computer is ‘blue-screening’ on a regular basis and/or is rebooting without warning? If this is happening to you, then you need to be aware that your computer’s hard drive may be about to crash. Keep a keen eye to what you are doing when this happens. For example, do you notice that your computer is crashing when your computer is trying to access a file (such as when your computer is booting up)? If you do, then your hard drive could be about to crash.


Slow, Slow, Slow


If it is taking your computer minutes to open up an ordinary Word file or even hours to empty the recycling bin of your computer, your computer’s hard drive is probably about to crash. While slow speeds could be the result of spyware, malware, and the like, most of the time, excruciating slow speeds like the ones mentioned above usually result in your computer’s hard drive crashing sooner rather than later. Again, when you notice this symptom and the others mentioned above, it is in your best interest to call Dave’s Computers.


Once you call our team, we will work with you to not only save your data, but will also replace your hard drive for you so you can return to using your computer as normally once again. You have enough things to worry about: your family and career just to name a few, and a dying hard drive complete with lost data shouldn’t be one of them. Stop worrying and give us a call the moment your hard drive shows these types of symptoms, and allow us to save the day!

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