Are Macbook Pros Worth the Price Tag?

If you are considering a new laptop, then you probably have spent more than a second glance looking at a Macbook Pro. After all, it has gotten an extensive amount of attention in the past few years, especially when the Retina Display technology was released. While there are plenty of positives to this Apple laptop, the price tag can scare a lot of people away. It will definitely leave you wanting ask computer support professionals if it is worth the price tag. You will get the answer to that question here.

The Price

To begin with, you need to know how much these laptops actually cost. At this time, prices directly from the Apple Store are:

  • $1,099.00 for a standard 13-inch Macbook Pro
  • $1,299.00 for a 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display
  • $1,999.00 for a 15-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display

When these prices are compared to other laptops, they do seem steep, so this leaves many shoppers looking for computer help with no real idea if the laptop is worth the price.

The Screen

The biggest advantage that Macbook Pros have over other laptops would be the screen. Retina Displays offer extremely high resolution. In fact, it is able to display images at 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, which provides much more clarity than almost any other laptop screen can offer.

However, there is something you must keep in mind. Yes, every single day, more apps and programs are becoming Retina ready, but they aren’t all yet. That means you could download some things that end up looking fuzzy or pixelated. Likely, you won’t find that many apps in this situation simply because the laptop has been out long enough now for most companies and programmers to seek Retina capability.

Performance and Usability

As far as the performance of the Macbook Pro, it does stand up well to other laptop options. Different configurations are available so that you can choose your processor speed and hard drive space. The Apple company has worked in recent editions of the computer to ensure they do offer a high rate of performance so that you don’t find yourself calling computer repair services every time the machine slows down or freezes up.

Of course, Apple products are well known for being extremely user friendly, so you should find the usability quite simple and straightforward. You shouldn’t have any difficulties that have you running to computer support for help. However, if you are used to a PC, adapting to a Mac can be somewhat difficult.

So, it boils down to the price. Honestly, whether or not the Macbook Pro is worth the price tag really depends on you. If you are most concerned about stunning display, then you may not mind the high-end cost. However, if you are just looking for a good computer and you don’t care that much about display, then you may wish to consider a less costly option.

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