No More Microsoft Support for Windows XP

As Microsoft releases new operating systems, they stop support for one of the older options. The most recent victim of this is Windows XP. Last April, Microsoft announced that they would no longer be providing any type of support for XP, and while not many people still use this operating system, you may be one of the few. And, this lack of support could result in users needing computer repair services.

If you still have Windows XP, then you likely saw a message on your computer several months ago that stated you would be losing support. Whether you chose to ignore it then or you assumed it wasn’t a big deal, you may be facing problems now, like a prevalence of viruses attacking your machine. You need to understand what this action from Microsoft means and how it actually is affecting you.

What Does It Mean?

You probably have noticed that every now and then, your computer tells you that updates are available for Windows and these updates need to be downloaded and run. This is Microsoft computer support and many of those updates are patches that are designed to deal with new threats so that your computer will remain protected.

As an operating system gets older, the company will no longer offer support. In other words, those patches will no longer be rolled out, leaving any computer running Windows XP extremely vulnerable to attacks.

What Can You Do?

If you are still running Windows XP, then you may already be dealing with problems. For one thing, you won’t be able to use new hardware like printers, and drivers will no longer be available for the operating system. Beyond this, viruses can attack the machine more easily and glitches can arise. There will be no changes to deal with these issues either. Instead, things will only get worse.

So, what can you do? Of course, if you already have viruses, then you may need to contact computer help professionals so that you can get that malware taken care of. Additionally, you will have to take action.

If you absolutely want to keep Windows XP for your computer, then you will need to ensure you have very powerful antivirus software running on the machine. It needs to have live protection so that it is constantly working in the background to protect your computer. Additionally, it needs to be scheduled so that it will run several times a week. You have to be proactive in order to protect your data and documents.

Another option would be to upgrade to one of the newer operating system, such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. You could contact a computer support professional for advice on which of these operating systems to choose. Keep in mind, however, that Vista is going to be next on the chopping block and may not have support for very long in the future.

Windows XP is considered fairly archaic now and not that many people use it. However, if you are one of the few, you have probably already run into issues since Microsoft ended support last spring, and those issues may have you seeking computer repair regularly. You will have to take action to continue using your machine.

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