How using third-party DNS can speed up your internet

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – How using third-party DNS can speed up your internet DNS, or Domain Name Servers translate a web address (URL) into the language spoken by the internet, IP addresses. My website URL is, which you type in to get here. But the server my website sits on is actually … Read more


The PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error is a blue screen error that is caused by Windows not being able to find a piece of data it expected to find. It can indicate a memory error, physical memory issues, a driver error or Windows swap file issue. All but one of those is fixable without needing to buy new … Read more

I’m getting ‘Windows Error 0xc000007b’ what do I do?

  If you’re seeing an error that says ‘The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)’ it means something has gone wrong with the program or with Windows files that the program needs to access. While it sounds serious, it is actually quite straightforward to address. With some basic Windows troubleshooting techniques, we can fix … Read more

How to boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode

Safe Mode is an important Windows 10 troubleshooting tool that any power user should become familiar with. It allows you to access usually locked Windows files and drivers as well as circumventing Windows file protection. This allows a lot of freedom when fixing Windows faults. If you would like to know how to boot Windows … Read more

How to perform a repair installation of Windows 10

A repair installation of Windows 10 reinstalls the operating system while retaining all your files, folders and media. It is a task of last resort once other troubleshooting steps have been unsuccessful, but it is very effective. If you need to perform a repair installation of Windows 10, this is how you do it. You … Read more

How to access Advanced Startup in Windows 10

Advanced Startup mode in Windows 10 is a gateway to a range of powerful troubleshooting tools. It allows access to core file checker, system restore, system refresh and a range of other utilities. If you’re having issues with Windows 10 and need to do some work under the hood, Advanced Startup is a good place … Read more

How to enable or disable password login in Windows 10

If you’re the only one who uses your computer or you trust those you share it with, why not remove password login in Windows 10? It enables the computer to boot straight to the desktop and shaves precious seconds off the boot time. It also removes that extra manual step so Windows can go from … Read more