Remote Computer Technical Support

Online tech support is a alternative to bringing in your computer for service. With remote support, we can work on your computer after hours and fix most of the common issues people face with their computer. One of those issues are computer viruses, most in particular Browser Hijack viruses which make pop-up ads appear more than you would like them to. These viruses often track what your browsing or searching online and the viruses that are really unsafe can even track the keystrokes when your typing and collect information such as credit card info and more. By calling Dave’s Computers either during regular hours or on the weekend when we are closed, we can remote in and using our tools clean up the viruses and remove all their traces from your computer. Most antivirus programs such as Norton Antivirus and McAfee, are no longer as effective as most think. These tools are unable to keep up to date with the over abundance of viruses spreading through the internet. By downloading programs like Malware Bytes or Super Anti-spyware in addition to your virus removal program, can help make sure your computer is safe from these viruses.

by David Molnar

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