Four reasons why remote support is a great investment for your business

Need top class IT support but cannot afford it? Need IT support but don’t need a full-time IT department? We can help. Dave’s Computers offers a range of professional remote IT support services for clients in Hillsborough and further afield. From individuals who need a little help to enterprises who want experts on hand when they need them. We do it all.

Outsourcing was once regarded as a dirty word. It meant IT jobs being farmed out to Asia and a lowering of convenience, standards and effectiveness across the board. Even before this new insular Trump era, we didn’t want to have to call a foreign country just to get email working.

Fortunately, outsourcing is now regarded as a viable way to benefit from a range of professional services at a fraction of the cost of having them in-house.

Now many remote IT support companies are based in the U.S. like Dave’s Computers. We use American expertise to deliver excellent remote support to clients across the country. Whatever the size of your business, whatever the type of systems you use, we have the skills to match. But why should you consider remote support for your business?

There are four great reasons why remote support is a great investment:

  1. Cost
  2. Convenience
  3. Scalability
  4. Trust

Let’s take a look at each.

Reduce costs with remote support

If you’re a small or medium-sized business, you will likely depend on computers just as much as a larger organization. You might not need or be able to justify the expense of a full-time IT department except in those times when things go wrong. If you depend on systems to deliver productivity, remote IT support is the ideal middle ground.

With low-cost monthly fees and no ongoing administration and management, remote support is the perfect way to access IT expertise at the fraction of the cost of having your own. We operate two schemes, a pay monthly with inclusive hours or a Pay as You Go system where you just pay for what you need. It’s as easy as can be.

An often overlooked cost advantage of remote support is regular checks and servicing. Smaller businesses often run their computers while paying them no mind. Until something goes wrong than it’s all hands on deck. As part of many of our remote support plans, we can perform regular health checks and remedial work to help keep your computers running healthily and efficiently. Just like a car, regular servicing has a running cost but it is usually much, much lower than big repairs or replacement.

The convenience of remote support

If your computer goes down you either have to disconnect it and bring it to the store or wait around until an engineer can get to you. With remote support, you just let us connect remotely and enjoy a cup of coffee while we do our work. The vast majority of issues with most computers can be fixed remotely.

We are also flexible. Want to switch from Apple to Windows? No problem, we can support both. Want to switch from IPv4 to IPv6, we can work with that too. Want to expand cover to include data recovery or server support? No problem there either. We have the expertise in-house to work alongside your business.

The other main convenience is having experts on hand to help. If you’re a smaller enterprise, you will likely be running lean, with one of you delegated the job of managing the IT perhaps without the skills necessary to do the job properly. Having remote support means always having someone to talk to should you need help.

The scalability of remote support

If you run a growing or seasonal business, being able to scale up and down as you need is a significant advantage. It means you don’t pay for what you don’t use and you’re not wasting money on a service you only use for part of the year.

Our remote support service is infinitely scalable and tailored to suit your particular needs. Need to cover more seats? Just tell us. Want to rapidly expand your IT infrastructure? Just let us know in advance and we can cover it. We could even help you specify and install it.

No trust issues with remote support

Not everyone is comfortable with someone in their home or office messing with their stuff. Even if it’s a professional IT technician who works quickly and efficiently. Remote support works exceptionally well in these circumstances. We dial in, connect and fix your issue without any worries like that. You can watch everything we do too, so you always know what we are doing, where we are going and what we are touching.

As an established computer repair business in Hillsborough, we have a solid reputation for being trustworthy and reliable. By allowing us to remotely support you, you don’t have to depend on that though. We can fix your issue from far away without you ever having to see us but still able to watch everything we do.

Limitations of remote IT support

Remote IT support is good but it isn’t omnipotent. There are things it cannot do. It cannot fix hardware problems and needs a reliable network and internet to be effective. If the IT support you need is related to either of those things, remote support will not be able to help.

In those circumstances, one of our support technicians would have to visit the premises to work directly on the problem. As mentioned, these are rare. We remotely repair around 90% of reported issues. Only when internet or networks are down or where hardware is at fault do we need to take further action.

Using remote IT support from a reliable company based in the U.S. is a no brainer for many smaller enterprises. It offers all of the advantage of your very own IT department with few of the downsides. As very little is ever done without technology enabling it, can you really afford to be without expert backup?

If the answer is no, contact us here at Dave’s Computers today. We got you covered!

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