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If you’re registered at Quora, you need to change your password right now

The latest in a long line of hacks, the popular Q&A site Quora is the latest company to lose data. Last week it came to light that over 100 million users have potentially had their login details hacked and are presumably now for sale on the dark net. As Dave’s Computers is dedicated to helping […]

When you want to go online, you will likely fire up Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari. Those four browsers have most of the market share right now along with Edge/Internet Explorer. They aren’t the only web browser and they certainly aren’t the best browsers for privacy. After Wednesday’s post, ‘Five reasons you should use a […]

Here at Dave’s Computers, we often advocate using a VPN service whenever you go online. To us it’s a no-brainer and something we do automatically. We were asked the other day by a customer in our New Jersey computer store just why we were so in favor of them. That prompted this post. If one […]