What Tasks Should Be Done When?

If you want to take care of your computer, then you do have to be proactive with maintenance. That way, you can help to avoid many issues that would leave you in need of computer repair. Obviously, you can’t avoid everything, but just as you go to the doctor for checkups, you should do a few things on a regular schedule for your machine so that you can prevent bigger problems later.

While you may know that computer maintenance is a must, do you know how often you should be doing certain things? You don’t have to do things like run defrag on your machine every day or week, but it is something that needs to become routine. You don’t necessarily have to run a virus scanner every day, but you need to run it more than once a month. It can all be confusing, so here is a list of what you should do when based on computer support professional opinion.


On a weekly basis, you need to scan your computer for malware. That includes viruses and spyware. You may have a program that offers real-time protection, and you may think that takes the place of weekly checks, but it doesn’t. There are things that will get past the real-time protection, and you don’t want them staying on your machine for very long or you could find yourself desperately needing computer help. So, no matter what type of software you have on your machine, you need to perform weekly scans.

There are different options for malware protection too. Some to consider include:

  • AVG (Free)
  • Avira Antivir (Free)
  • Malwarebytes (Free)
  • Norton Antivirus (Paid)
  • McAfee (Paid)

Additionally, you need to make sure the program stays up to date. That means checking for updates on a weekly basis as well.

You can usually schedule your antivirus program to run every week all on its own. You just need to pick a time when your machine will be on, but ideally not in use.


There are also monthly tasks that you need to follow in order to ensure your machine is running properly. The two main tasks that you should do on a monthly basis include:

  • Running defrag on your hard drive. As you do different things with your computer, the space on the drive will become fragmented and that makes the machine run slower.
  • Run an error disk check. If there are any errors on the hard drive in programs or other things, this can cause the computer to malfunction in one way or another.

Both of these tasks can be scheduled as well. That way, you don’t have to worry about running them yourself. However, you do need to check from time to time and make sure they did, in fact, run.

If you want to prevent a variety of problems for your computer and avoid having to get computer repair all of the time, then make sure you are performing these tasks on a weekly and monthly basis. Of course, if you do have computer problems, then be sure to contact computer-help.com.

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