Shop Local or Big Box?

When you get ready to buy a new computer or parts for your current machine, you have different places you could shop. Of course, there are those big chains, where you will certainly have a lot of different choices and maybe even the lower prices. There are also local shops and stores where you could purchase. How do you know where you should be shopping? There are plenty of advantages to the local options, and they will provide computer help. So, let’s look at why local is your better choice.

More Personalized Attention

Let’s face it, when you shop at a big box store or you go there for computer support, you don’t even expect to receive much in the way of customer service. Unfortunately, you can’t always even count on getting assistance from someone that knows much about computers at all. When you shop local, though, you are going to get more personalized attention. A smaller store will have an interest in providing only the best customer service. Additionally, you are much more likely going to find someone who knows a great deal more about the machines and can help you make the best decision for purchase.

Fewer Steps Means Quality Prices

Most people assume that local stores will have higher prices because they are small, and in some ways, that could be true. However, it is false more often than you may expect. That’s because there are fewer steps to get the product from the manufacturer into your hands.

With big box stores, products are shipped to a facility for holding and then shipped from one store to another. Transfer fees, travel fees, and middleman costs will all add up. So, don’t be surprised to find you can get equally good or better prices when shopping locally.

Doing Something Good for the Community

Obviously, by shopping at a local store, you are doing something for your community. You are providing jobs and giving money to people who live in the same town or city as you. You aren’t paying some big corporate headquarters out of state, or even out of country.

Better Long-Term Support

When you buy a new computer, you may need a computer repair service at some time or another. If you have shopped local, then you will have someone to go back to whenever you need them. If your computer has anything going wrong, you can often take it back to the place you bought it, and a locally owned store will be able to help you with repairs.

Some big box chains offer computer repair squads, but they cost a lot of money and they aren’t always as well trained as you would like.

When you need a new machine or computer help, then consider going somewhere local. You will get better customer service and long-term support. You will also be doing something good for your community. If you need computer support in any way, then remember that you can always contact We are ready to help resolve your problems.

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