Turning off User Account Control in Windows 8

Have you ever noticed that every time you try to install software or apps, your computer comes up with a pop up asking you if you want to “allow the following program to make changes to this computer?” Sometimes, it even pops up just when you try to run a program or app, and it can be enough of an annoyance that you may seek computer support to deal with the issue.

What Is It?

Some people mistakenly think that this pop up is some kind of warning that the program is dangerous and they may run to computer help thinking they have accidentally downloaded a virus. That’s not the case though. Instead, this is something built into Windows 8 called User Account Control. It is designed to give people better control over what is installed on their computer and to help them avoid accidentally installing something they shouldn’t.

Additionally, User Account Control can be useful in an office setting when the administrators don’t want just anyone installing whatever they would like. So, it does have its purpose, but for many people, it can be just a frustration.

You Can Turn It Off

Now, if you have become annoyed with User Account Control and you are tired of that pop up appearing all of the time, then here is some good news. You can turn it off, and you can do so without computer support. Of course, you should only do this with your personal computer. Your office computer admins have it turned on for a reason. However, if you are ready to be done with the pop ups, here is what you can do:

  • Go to the right side of your desktop and in the sidebar menu, choose the search charm. Alternatively, click the start button and choose control panel.
  • In the search menu, type in UAC.
  • Click on Change User Account Settings.
  • You will see a vertical slider that allows you to control how often you see the user account notification. You can choose to lessen the number of times you see it if you would like to keep it on for safety, or you can slide the slider all the way to Never Notify.
  • Click Ok.

Now, if you choose to turn User Account Control all the way off, keep in mind that you could be leaving your computer prone to some very dangerous downloads. You will have to be extra careful every time you run new software, apps, or programs. Never run something if you don’t know what it is. Since the User Account Control is not in place, you could accidentally harm your computer.

Now that you know how to control this issue, it shouldn’t be a problem again as long as you are careful what you run and you have quality antivirus software installed. If you need computer support with this issue or something else, contact computer-help.com. We offer remote computer support services so that we can handle many of your problems without you ever leaving home.

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