Windows 8 Takes Too Long to Shut Down

It’s pretty frustrating when you can’t get your computer to shut down in a timely manner, leaving you counting the seconds. Maybe it is the end of the day at work and all you want to do is get home and relax or maybe have drinks with some friends. Alternatively, maybe you need to head out the door to pick the kids up from school or you are running late for a doctor’s appointment. It doesn’t matter the situation, when Windows 8 takes forever to shut down, it can be a hassle making you wonder if it’s time to call for computer help.

What you may not realize is that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes when a computer shuts down. It isn’t as simple as just cutting the power. If things start going wrong in the actual shutdown process or if information becomes snarled, then the whole system can slow down very quickly. So, let’s talk about what may be causing the problem and help you decide whether or not you need professional computer support services.

The “Programs Need to Close” Prompt

If you try to shut down your computer, and you don’t even get to the shutdown screen, but instead, you see a warning that programs need to close, then you will know immediately the programs themselves are getting in the way. As a general rule, this doesn’t mean there is something wrong. Instead, it means a program is open that the computer cannot automatically shut down. Usually, that’s because the program is waiting for you to save a file or save changes. So, if you want to make sure the machine gets done quickly, always close your programs and save all of your files when you are done with them.

The Process Issue

Every time your computer shuts down, it goes through some system processes. To understand it a little better, imagine the computer is putting everything in neat little packages so that it will all be ready to go when it starts back up again. But, what if one of those packages won’t close properly or what if it breaks? Essentially, if something goes wrong with a process, then this can drastically slow everything down. You can change things in the computer registry so that it will actually tell you which process is hanging up, but this can be a little difficult to do and may call for the assistance of computer help services.

The Operating System

Every so often, something happens with the operating system, making the whole thing hang up during shut down. The best thing you can do to avoid this issue is to have Windows Update always turned on so that the manufacturer can push new updates, patches, and repairs automatically to your machine. Often, if there is a problem with the operating system, Windows will offer an update to fix the issue very quickly.

There are quite a few more problems that could be slowing down Windows 8 computers, but these are the most common. No matter what, if you don’t know what’s going on or you don’t know what may be slowing things down, then the best thing to do is contact today. We will be glad to offer professional computer help services to ensure you get a resolution to the problem.

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