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Do you need PC tuning applications to keep things running smoothly?

There are a bunch of PC cleaner apps and tuning programs that offer to help keep your Windows computer running smoothly. Some are free such as CCleaner while others are premium, like PC Health Advisor. There are also ads everywhere online offering PC cleaning software for a modest cost. Do you need things applications running […]

If you have a computer you currently run Windows 10 on and build yourself another, can you transfer the Windows 10 license to your new computer? This is a question we were asked in the store the other day. As it wasn’t the first time we had heard it so we thought we would add […]

A guy came into Dave’s Computers in New Jersey the other day having problems with his graphics card. He was experiencing artifacts and tearing on a game and the company who designed the game recommended rolling back his graphics driver. He didn’t know how, so came to us for help. That’s why today’s post is […]

The Windows 10 April 2019 Update is the next big download for Windows and is expected sometime in that month. Given how the October Update went, you would be forgiven for not waiting for this next one with baited breath. However, as computers are our thing, the guys here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey […]

Does Storage Sense keep deleting your downloaded files in Windows 10? Store files and programs in your Download folder and keep losing them to this housekeeping tool? Today I’m going to show you how to stop that happening. I like Storage Sense. We use it on our Windows 10 machines here at Dave’s Computers in […]

System Restore in Windows 10 is pretty good and will often be able to recover itself without losing data. However, sometimes that isn’t possible and if you have generated data since create a backup, you stand a good chance of losing it. We can try to recover it though and todays’ post will show you […]