Computer Maintenance w/ Carbonite Cloud Backup

Has your computer been running slowly or have you run virus scanners only to suspect that something is still ‘off’ on your computer? It can be extremely frustrating and time consuming to run scan time consuming to run scans after scan and not find the answer…That’s why we have the perfect plan for you.

With our monthly computer maintenance plan, we have developed ways to rid your computer of 99.9% of all malware, Trojans and viruses on the Internet. On top of that, if we detect a virus or infection, we’ll remove it for FREE!

If you sign up now, we’ll include “Carbonite” for FREE with our monthly plan and a minimum 3-month contract. Our Managed Monthly Computer Support Plan for consumers is on sale now through the end of November.


Benefits to our Managed Monthly Computer Maintenance Plan

  • Our rates are only $24.99/month
  • Sign up by November 30th and we will give you the “Carbonite” Cloud Backup (as an included feature)
  • Need Assistance? – We can remote in with your permission and troubleshoot issues and assist with basic tasks.

24/7 Anti-Virus Protection Coverage

Our antivirus service works to ensure your computer stays safe at all times through regularly scheduled scans and hardware updates that help to keep your computer virus definitions up-to-date. With up to date libraries, you’ll have the maximum level of coverage.

  • Increased Computer Speed
  • Avoids Slow Start-Ups
  • Removal of Viruses, Spyware, and Trojans
  • Stops Crashes and Frozen Screens
  • Fixes Issues with Pop-ups, Updates and Links
  • Daily updates

All the Help You Need: Computer Maintenance from Dave’s Computers

Sign up now so you can get all the benefits of our Managed Monthly Computer Support Plan including Carbonite Cloud backup. Have questions and need further assistance on an issue with your computer? Feel free to contact us so we can help!

With the holidays quickly approaching, don’t leave your computer susceptible to online hackers. Contact us so we can start your monthly plan and get you covered!

Sign up today by chatting with Alex or Dave on the right side of your screen >>>>>>>>

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