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Data Recovery

Maximize the life of your hard drive

After putting together ‘Can you repair a broken hard drive?’ last week, I began wondering if there are some practical things you can do to maximize the life of a working drive. Data recovery is a big part of what we do here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey but we really wish it wasn’t. […]

You only realize how much you depend on your computer when something goes wrong. Or how much data you store that you never want to lose until your hard drive stops working. The data recovery experts here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey contend with these issues every day. Perhaps the most common question we […]

No one understands busy like the small business owner. It’s likely you get up every morning with a long list of to-dos that have to be done, and data recovery probably didn’t make the list. Symantec recently conducted a study that indicated nearly 60% of small businesses didn’t have a data recovery plan in place, […]

Dave’s Computers is all about empowerment. Our blog regularly posts how-tos and tutorials for you to learn new skills and manage your own computers. Sometimes though, you really should leave things to the professionals. One such task is recovering deleted files. There is a lot of free and premium software on the internet that says […]

The RAID array data recovery service at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey is busier than it should be. RAID arrays are usually used by business or enterprise to provide robust storage solutions that prevent data loss or deliver fast storage. As any IT admin will tell you, RAID isn’t infallible and can still lose data […]

Memory cards are in everything. We use them in our phones, tablets, cameras, GoPros, drones, PDAs, MP3 players and lots of other devices. Memory cards are popular because they are cheap and can pack a lot of storage into a tiny device. But what happens if you accidentally format the card or delete a file? […]