How to Find Windows 8.1 Drivers

When you upgrade your operating system, one of the first things you will find is that not all hardware will continue working properly. That’s because the drivers currently in use by that hardware are not designed to work with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Of course, that can bring on a big hassle and it can be kind of frightening if you don’t know what’s going on. Don’t worry. Before you make the decision to call a computer repair service, you may be able to locate and download the drivers you now need. It isn’t nearly as difficult as you may imagine.

So, what can you do? To begin with, you will have to track down the drivers for your computer’s specific needs, and these can vary depending on the manufacturer and the hardware installed within the machine. Of course, there is no way to list every single driver out there, so here are some of the most common along with links so that you can access the drivers quickly and easily. If you have trouble with any of these, then you can always contact a computer support service.

One more note: when you are seeking out the driver you need, look for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. If there is a specific driver for Windows 8.1, then use that one. If there is only one labeled Windows 8, then this is the one you will need.

  • If you have an Acer device, whether it is a laptop, a tablet, or a desktop, then you will need to update drivers based on your device specifically. You can find the drivers and information you need by going to There is a limited number of Acer devices that do not support Windows 8, so you may wish to check on this before you purchase the operating system upgrade.
  • If you have an AMD video card, then you will need to ensure you have the proper driver for this as well. You can find the drivers along with release notes at AMD Support
  • If you have an ASUS device, then you may need new drivers for your motherboard. Not all motherboards by ASUS will support Windows 8.1, but you can find the information at
  • Canon printers and scanners will need new drivers for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but the driver should be provided through Microsoft and you should be able to download them via Windows Update.
  • Dell computers and laptops may need their own set of drivers, which you can find at
  • If you have an HP desktop, laptop, or printer, then you may need new drivers for Windows 8. You can find the drivers you may need at
  • Intel offers different products including motherboards, chipsets, graphics cards, and more. You may need to download drivers for all of these and they should be available through Windows Update.

Of course, there are many other things that may require drivers, and the best way to find them is to go to the manufacturer website. If you have any trouble, then contact a computer help service. You can get in contact with us at the contact us button at the bottom of the page and we can provide for many of your computer repair needs.

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