How to Update Drivers in Windows 8.1

computer support for driversAnytime you update your operating system, such as when you go from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, then you will likely need to update drivers for various parts of your hardware. Don’t worry though. You don’t have to contact a computer support service in most cases. Of course, if you have trouble with the steps included in this guide, you can always reach out to professional computer help, but you should be able to update everything with little or no trouble.

It’s a good idea, in fact, to go ahead and update drivers before you contact a computer support because the out of date driver could be what is causing you problems in the first place. So, here are the steps you will need to take whether you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Begin by locating the driver you need. Usually, the best way to find the driver is to go directly to the manufacturer website. They will have a section of updates and downloads where you can seek out the driver you need. You don’t necessarily always have to look for Windows 8.1. If you see only Windows 8, then this means the driver will work for you.

Once you have downloaded the driver, you will likely have a zip file, and that means you need to “unpackage” it first. In many cases, however, the driver will have the software it needs to go ahead and start installing itself. If you run into a problem here, then you can contact computer repair services for advice.

It’s also a good idea to run Windows Update and download anything listed. That’s because many drivers will actually come to you in this manner, saving you the process of finding the manufacturer website.

Once you have downloaded the driver software, you will need  to go to your control panel and then click on Device Manager. From here, you can right click on any piece of hardware and choose the option to Update Driver Software.

You will be asked where you would like to locate the device driver software, and you can browse to the folder you downloaded on your computer. You will have to go through a few more steps to install the software, but after those steps, everything should be installed properly.

There are some problems that could arise, such as if Windows is not able to install the driver properly. In those cases, you will need to contact computer support so that a professional can manage the updates.

If you have updated your computer to Windows 8.1, then driver issues may be common. Most of the time, you should have no problem updating the drivers so that they will work properly with your computer. If you have any trouble, though, you can contact a computer support service. is here to help you, whether the issue is a device driver or something else with your computer. Feel free to contact us for all of your computer support needs.

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