Dell Laptop Not Starting

Courtesy of Pexels If you’re reading this, you are probably experiencing that heart-sinking moment when your power button refuses to bring your Dell laptop to life. There are various reasons why your laptop may not be starting. It could be grappling with hardware failures, software issues, graphics driver failure, power supply issues, or even complications … Read more

What You Need to Know About Becoming a Computer Technician

What is a Computer Technician As a computer technician, your primary responsibility is to help individuals ensure that their computers and computer networks are running smoothly. Suppose an individual is having an issue with their computer or network. In that case, that is where a computer technician will come in and troubleshoot the problem. As … Read more

What is malware?

Unfortunately, just like humans, computers can get sick. Malware is like the flu but for computers—whether that be your laptop, phone, or any other smart device. Malware can take many different forms from being a silent, sabotaging ninja to being a tank—mowing down everything in its path. However, thankfully, with some knowledge and preventive “medicine,” … Read more

Computer Viruses—What are They and How do You Prevent Them?

What is a Computer Virus? A computer virus refers to a type of malware that attaches itself to another program or document. This malware can replicate and spread once a person opens or runs it, intentionally or unintentionally. Once a virus begins to replicate, your device is at risk of having data destroyed, system slow-downs, … Read more

How to Remove Duplicates in Excel

Excel is one of the most power programs that Microsoft has created. You can track just about anything in the program and recall it at a moment’s notice. With the robust features of Excel and its tracking ability there may come times in which you will need to remove duplicate values, especially as the data … Read more

Why isn’t my mouse working?

Quick Troubleshooter for Mouse Not Working If using a wireless keyboard & mouse, make sure the batteries are newer and that the light under the mouse is on. Some may not have a visible light but if your mouse used to show red light make sure it does show red light If you are using … Read more

The Risks of DIY Computer Repair

Whether your computer or laptop is primarily used for work or your child’s schooling, it’s easy to get frustrated when it isn’t functioning properly. From a poor internal connection to slow running speeds and spyware or virus infections, there are many common reasons a computer may require repair. And while it might be tempting to … Read more

Top Hidden Laptop Features Everyone Should be Using

While the world of technology is ever-evolving and expanding, it seems laptops haven’t changed much within the past few decades. Although they have gotten smaller and more advanced, your typical laptop remains pretty standard from its features to its design. However, one thing that has changed is the availability and widespread ownership of laptop computers. … Read more