Computer Repair: Run a Command Line System Restore

There may be times when you  need computer repair help and have to restore your computer to an earlier date, just because something specific is causing a problem. It could be that new software is an issue or a patch for software you already have is the culprit. In either case, a computer repair system restore will roll your computer back to an earlier date before whatever happened got started.

There may be times, however, when things go so wrong with your computer that you aren’t even able to get to the system restore menu. Before you contact a computer repair service to deal with this kind of an issue, keep in mind that you can attempt a system restore right from the command prompt, which often works to rectify the problem. Here’s how you can try this and hopefully bypass the need for computer repair.

Computer Repair: DIY System Restore

You need to go through your apps on your Start Screen until you find a section called Windows System. To get to all of your apps from the start menu, you can swipe down on a touchscreen or choose the down arrow at the bottom of the screen if you need to click on it. You will have to scroll through all of your apps until you find the Windows System area, but once you get there, it should be easy to locate Command Prompt. Click on that option.

When you do this, you will pull up the command prompt, which is a black screen. If you don’t see that, then contact a computer help service for advice.

When you have this screen up, you will need rstrui then hit enter. This will then ask you if you want to execute system restore command. Choose the Ok button.

This will automatically open the system restore wizard where you will be able to go through the steps of rolling your computer back to an earlier date. When you have to go through the available dates, make sure you choose one before when the computer started having problems. If you choose one too soon in the past, then you will need more computer help while you try to restore it to an even earlier date. If you have trouble determining where to roll your computer back to, then contact a computer repair service for advice.

Once you have gone through the process, your computer will need to do a few things and then restart. At that point, your system should be restored to the earlier point and the problems should stop. Now, you will be able to go through the changes that were made and determine what caused the issue in the first place.

If you have any trouble getting through this process or determining what made your computer act up, then be sure to contact We can provide you with convenient remote computer repair services so that you don’t even have to worry about taking your machine in for work.

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