Computer Repair Tips: How to Unfreeze Windows Update

computer repair Windows UpdateWindows Update pushes new patches and various updates to your machine when needed. It is common knowledge that Microsoft releases new things on Tuesdays, so that is when you are most likely to see Windows Update running. If you have your computer set to automatically run updates, then you may not even notice it is going on unless you need to restart for those updates to finish. However, if something happens and Windows Update freezes, then this will likely freeze up your whole machine, leaving you wondering when you should contact a computer repair service.

However, before you make that call to computer support, there are some things you can try in order to get your machine working again.

Computer Repair Tips: Know the Common Freeze Times

It isn’t common for Windows Update to freeze, but if it does, it is most likely to happen during certain parts of the update process. For example, if you see any one of these things on the screen:

  • Configuring Updates
  • Configuring Windows
  • Preparing to Configure Windows
  • Installing Updates

And your computer doesn’t seem to be working, this would be a sign that it may have frozen up. However, don’t assume that it is frozen. It may just be taking a long time to install the updates.

So, before you call for computer help, look at the machine itself. Has the update screen been stuck for more than three hours? Is the hard drive light flashing or staying steady on or off? Some updates can take up to three hours because they are quite large. If the hard drive light is flashing, then the computer has not frozen up.

However, if you discover that your computer has certainly frozen during Windows Update, here are a few things you can try before you contact a computer repair service.

Start by holding control + alt + delete just like if you were going to force restart your computer. This may be enough to unfreeze the machine and allow you to log in. If not, then try powering off the computer. That goes against what it probably tells you on the screen, but sometimes it is necessary. You can hold the power button until the computer turns off and then power it back on. That may be enough to kick start update again. Once you get the computer on, it would be smart to restart in safe mode so that you can run diagnostics and determine what may be going wrong.

If none of this works, then it may be time to contact a computer repair service. There could be other things wrong with your machine that require the help of professionals. Windows Update plays an important role in keeping your computer running properly, but if it ever freezes up, this could be a hassle. If you continue to have problems or these troubleshooting steps didn’t help, be sure to contact for professional computer repair services.

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