Computer Help: Shutting Down Windows 8

If you have Windows 8 and you haven’t upgraded to Windows 8.1, then you may find it fairly hard to shut down your computer and find yourself needing computer help. The update to this operating system added back a button to make shutting down easy, but the original Windows 8 can be somewhat difficult, especially for those who are just starting to use it. You really can shut down your machine without computer help. You just need to know what to do.

You can most certainly make things much simpler if you upgrade to Windows 8.1. There were several changes included in this upgrade so that your computer will work better, and it is recommended that you go ahead and do this. If you have Windows 8, then it is free to upgrade to Windows 8.1 and you should be able to do so without the need for computer support.

However, if, for one reason or another, you wish to stay with Windows 8, then here are the steps you can take in order to shut down or restart your machine.

Computer Help: Simple Steps for Shutting Down Windows 8

The first place where you can perform a shutdown is from the start screen. That’s the screen your computer likely starts up to and it will show tiles with various apps on them. The easiest way to recognize this screen, though, is that it will say “Start” across the top left side of the screen. From this screen, if you look over to the right, you will see what looks like a power button. If you click on this, you can choose to shut down, restart, or do other things. When you click on the shut down option, you can choose shut down and your machine will turn off.

There are times when you may not see the power button because you are using Windows 8 in mobile device mode. Some tablets and hybrid laptop/tablets will use mobile Windows 8. Don’t worry. You can still shut down without computer help and you don’t need a computer repair service to replace that power button. Just follow these steps to shut down.

  • Swipe from the right to open the charm bar.
  • Click on the settings button.
  • Click on the power button that will appear under settings.

Then, you can choose shut down just as you would have from any other power menu. You can also choose restart from this button if you need to do this as well.

Windows 8 can be confusing because it is completely different from its predecessors. However, as you come to learn its controls, you should have no problems doing what you want. If you have not upgraded to Windows 8.1, then you can use the steps above to shut down your computer when needed. Of course, if you have any issues, then be sure to get computer help Dave’s Computers. Through remote support, we can rectify many issues that may be plaguing your machine.

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