How to Start in Safe Mode

How many times do you read tutorials or advice that tells you that you will need to start your computer in start mode? Often, this is the best way to diagnose various problems with your machine without the need for computer help. However, if you don’t know how to even get to safe mode, you may be lost from the very beginning. You will need to know your operating system (Windows Vista, 7, or 8) so that you can learn the proper way to get to this mode. Here are tips for each.

Windows Vista

If you have Windows Vista and you need to get to safe mode without having to call computer support, then the process is simple. All that you need to do is restart your machine. You will want to press the F8 button before you see the Windows logo. If you time it right, then you will see advanced boot options, and you can choose safe mode from the list.

Windows 7

Once again, you will need to press the F8 key, but if you have Windows 7, then you will actually want to start when you see the Windows logo. So, when a screen comes up that shows the red, green, blue and yellow window, and you see the words “Starting Windows”, then press the function key and you will see the advanced boot options again.

Windows 8

If you have the newest version of Windows, then the process is slightly different. Again, you will need to get to advanced startup options to get to safe mode. To get to this, hold down the shift key and click on restart at the same time. Keep the shift key held until you see advanced startup options on the screen.

There’s another way to get to safe mode too. Swipe on the far right of the screen to pull up the charm bar, and click settings. Then, click change PC settings. Choose the category for update and recovery. Then choose general and recovery. You will be able to choose advanced startup from the list. Then, you can start your computer and the options will automatically come up every time you restart your machine.

One thing to note is that if Windows 8 cannot startup normally twice in a row, it will automatically go to advanced startup options, and if you see this when you have not chosen to go to it, then you may need computer help to determine what is actually going on.

If you are trying to repair minor things with your machine without computer help, then you will find most tutorials will suggest you start in safe mode. Getting to this mode is easier than you may think, and it can be an excellent way to diagnose problems. However, if you have trouble or getting to safe mode didn’t help, then it is time to consider a computer repair service. All you need to do is contact today so that we can help you diagnose and repair your machine.

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