Mac Repair – Why choose a local Mac expert over the Apple Store?

Visiting an Apple store to brush up on the most recent Apple technology and browse the products can be a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon. Apple stores buzz with excitement with aisles of shiny white tables displaying the latest and greatest Apple product releases while numerous Apple techies lurk with I-pads in hand, … Read more

RAM Upgrade: Benefits from this Simple Computer Repair

Earlier this year, I saw my Macbook Pro devolve from a high functioning piece of technology into a spare engine turbine. I couldn’t have more than three applications open at a time. Having more than two tabs open on Google Chrome would give my poor Macbook an asthma attack. This was extremely inconvenient for me, … Read more

Computer Support & More: Four Free Software Programs You Need Today

There are plenty of awesome free software programs  to use for computer support that can make PC time more enjoyable. Whether it virus protection, document sharing, or accessories, these are some of the best free computer support programs you can use. Dave’s Computer has experience with these and many other great computer support programs and applications. … Read more

Computer Help: What to Know About Internet Cookies

Is your computer running slow? Are you tired of going from repair shop to repair shop in Palmer Ranch and Lakewood Ranch looking for good service and computer help? If so, Dave’s Computer is here for you and we can offer computer help for any issues you may be facing. One of the most common that we … Read more

Computer Support: RAM & Memory Basics

Although the term memory, when applied to pieces of equipment or machines, is technically used to refer to any form of electronic storage, it most commonly applied to fast, temporary forms of storage. Low memory can cause computers to improperly perform, causing you to turn to computer support for help. The most common example of … Read more

Common Computer Help: Fundamentals to Know

Today we live in an information-rich world and now more than ever it is necessary for everyone to have at least a working knowledge and understanding of the way to use and manipulate computers. For some residents of the Siesta Key and Bradenton areas, this can be a challenge, especially if they are not used … Read more

Computer Running Slowly? Tips on How to Improve Speed with Computer Maintenance

Computer Running Slowly? Tips on How to Improve Speed! Whether you are using it for personal or business-related purposes, a slow computer can often be your worst nightmare. Your productivity instantly decreases, you may be concerned about losing important files or fulfilling deadlines, and your morale deteriorates. However, there are a few things you can … Read more

Why Should I Choose Managed Services?

While there are many advantages to using managed services for your small business, one of the main advantages is for security and compliance purposes. Businesses have to take credit cards, debit cards, checks, wire transfers and so forth, to prosper in today’s technologically advanced world. However, you have to ensure your processing systems are safe … Read more