Five of the best browsers for privacy

When you want to go online, you will likely fire up Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari. Those four browsers have most of the market share right now along with Edge/Internet Explorer. They aren’t the only web browser and they certainly aren’t the best browsers for privacy. After Wednesday’s post, ‘Five reasons you should use a … Read more

The best new features of Chrome 69

It’s the tenth anniversary of Google Chrome this year and to celebrate it gets a new look and some cool new features in Chrome 69. Available right now, the browser has a flat design to bring it in line with many apps and some extra tricks. As a Firefox Quantum user, I wanted to find … Read more

How to control Flash video playback in any web browser

There is nothing more annoying than landing on a webpage only for it to begin talking to you while you’re trying to find what you want. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control flash video playback in any web browser without using an extension? Well, you can and I will show you how to … Read more