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Computer Repair

How to Use Windows System Restore

Your Windows computer has something called a system restore utility that can be very helpful as a recovery method when something goes wrong. The utility will often allow you to manage issues without the need of a computer repair service, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it. … Read more

Removing a Windows 7 Password

A password can be a wonderful thing, but for some people in some situations, it is simply a headache. While it is never a good idea to remove the password from your account if anyone else has access to your machine (or you could end up on the phone with a computer repair service to … Read more

Changing Windows 7 Update Settings

Windows Update actually plays a very important role on your computer. It’s through this system that patches and service packs can be pushed to your machine. If you are unsure of the importance of patches, keep in mind they can help you avoid making a phone call to computer support. That’s because they often deal … Read more

Ransomware Is a Big Problem

You probably already know that computer viruses can wreak havoc on your system and leave you wanting to pull your hair out. However, you may not know that they can even hold your computer hostage. It’s called ransomware and it’s becoming a big problem for many unsuspecting users. It has become such an issue, that … Read more

Local Computer Repair VS Geek Squad at Best Buy

No electronic device lasts forever. Every computer, smart phone, iPod, or TV will eventually break down or crash and will need some sort of repair expert to service the product. How do you decide where to have the repair done? Do you want to go to that mom’n’pop shop down the road? Or do you … Read more