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Does dust really hurt your computer?

We had a customer in our New Jersey computer repair store today who was asking about how dust and dirt affects a computer. It was something that has come up more than a few times so I thought it prime time to write a post about it. One of the services we offer here at … Read more

Ten signs your computer may be infected with malware

We see a lot of computers infected with malware here at Dave’s Computers. Our New Jersey computer store is often visited by people who think they have taken every precaution and yet still fall foul of this virulent annoyance. If you think you may have malware on your computer, visit our store and we can … Read more

How to keep your PC cool during warm weather

New Jersey has had some decent weather over the past few weeks and we are seeing more computers than usual overheating. It is a common issue for many home users but is easily preventable. That’s why the team here at Dave’s Computers have put together this quick guide to keeping your PC cool during warmer … Read more