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Whether it is your personal or business computer, a properly functioning keyboard is crucial. While there are plenty of reasons a keyboard might not be working, there are also plenty of troubleshooting methods to use which might resolve the problem. However, if you try these methods and are still experiencing problems, contact the computer repair technicians of Dave’s Computers in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Most of the problems related to keyboards can be fixed within a few hours, so give us a call at 908-428-9558 now! 

Restart Your Computer

It is commonly joked about, but one of the first things to try is restarting your computer. However, it is important to proceed with a full shutdown to let your computer reset which could ultimately resolve the buggy keyboard issue. 

Dirty & Sticky Keyboard

Another simple cause of your keyboard troubles might be that the keyboard itself is dirty. Crumbs, dust, liquid drops, and other debris can become lodged underneath or in between keys. If you notice that only a few keys don’t work, it is time to clean it. Before doing any cleaning, it is important to cut off the power. If you have a laptop, fully shut down your computer. If you have a desktop, disconnect the keyboard from your machine. Once this is done, the best methods for cleaning out a keyboard include:

  • Using canned compressed air which can get all debris out from underneath the keys.
  • If you have a sticky keyboard from spilled juice, soda, or other liquids, rubbing alcohol and cotton balls or Q-Tips are the easiest way to clean the keys.

Keyboard Driver Issues

A driver gives hardware its functionality; it enables the hardware to communicate with the computer’s operating system. If the currently installed driver is outdated or damaged, this could be causing issues with your keyboard. Most drivers are available online for download, so check to see if you currently have the most updated version. Try uninstalling the current driver and reinstalling the most current driver, which should resolve the issue. If your keyboard is still not working, stop by our computer repair store in Hillsborough! 

Motherboard Issues

The motherboard is what makes it possible for all the components of a computer system to communicate with one another. A failing motherboard could potentially cause a keyboard to stop working. This is an issue that is best addressed by a trained professional as it requires inspection and possible repair of the circuit board. The technicians of Dave’s Computers are fully trained and highly knowledgeable when it comes to these types of issues. We can handle any of the following:

Person using MacBook laptop

Keyboard Replacement

If you have tried every possible method and your keyboard still does not work, the keyboard might be defective or damaged beyond repair. Typically, if your device is under warranty, you should be able to get a free replacement. If not, you will have to either purchase a new laptop or keyboard. For a cheaper and faster option, you can utilize a USB-operated keyboard which simply gets connected via an open USB port on your machine. If you choose to have your computer serviced, we highly recommend that you back-up your files before sending your machine in to be serviced to avoid losing any important files. In the event you do lose any files, we can help with data recovery

A faulty keyboard can be frustrating. If you notice certain keys no longer working, if any of the keys are broken, or if you cannot get any keys to work, then contact Dave’s Computers today! We will run a full diagnostics test to see what is causing the keyboard to not work, and if the keyboard is beyond repair we can provide a full replacement. Call 908-428-9558 for your free quote now!