Computers come in all forms: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We all know that computers are constructed of various electrical components and hardware that rely on sophisticated programming for functionality. But, how do computer systems actually work?

Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone

First, there are input devices that provide the data to the computer. The most common input devices are the mouse and keyboard, while scanners and even certain software can be input devices. Once information is received from input devices, it is processed and then sent back to an output device. You are likely familiar with various output devices, which can be your monitor, speakers, and printer. 

Parts of a Computer System

As mentioned above, there are many components of a computer system that work together. Each part has its own responsibility, so to better understand how a computer works, here is an explanation of the main parts.

  • CPU: Also known as the Central Processing Unit, the CPU is probably the most important part of the computer system as it processes the inputted information and gives signals to the necessary components. If you are ever experiencing a slow-running machine, the first item to check is the CPU. 
  • RAM: Random Access Memory is where data used by the operating system and software applications are stored so the CPU can process them quickly. This is short-term data storage, so anything stored here gets deleted once the computer is shut off. 
  • HDD: The Hard Disk Drive is where all of your photos, documents, music, and apps are stored.
  • Motherboard: This is a circuit board that acts as the home for all of the components and gives all the components capability to communicate with one another. 
  • Video and Sound Cards: Sound cards are used to play sounds through speakers, while video cards are used to provide images and display. These are both major components that allow the user to interact with the computer, but without a video card, you would simply see a blank screen. 
  • Network Adapter: This is what gives a computer access to the internet. Depending on the machine, your network adapter is what can give your computer access to Wi-Fi. 

Each part of a computer system has a job to do. Computer issues arise when components cannot perform their jobs properly. Luckily, most problems can be fixed if handled the right way. Dave’s Computers of Hillsborough, NJ has been providing computer repair, laptop repair, and data recovery to New Jersey for many years. 

Motherboard - Dave's Computers provides computer repair to fix motherboards in Hillsborough NJ

What is an Operating System?

We have discussed the main hardware components of a computer, but there is another incredibly important part that makes computers function, and that is the operating system. Simply put, the operating system is the primary software on the computer that applications use. It handles both input and output devices, so it does most of the heavy lifting. The most well-known operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Android.

We Are Computer Gurus! 

A computer system contains hardware and software that can sometimes run into issues. If you are unfamiliar with them, it would be best to trust a professional to avoid inflicting further damage. At Dave’s Computers, our computer repair technicians are completely trained and comfortable with any device, any computer part, and any operating system. We offer both in-store and in-home repair services, so if you are having computer trouble, give us a call at 908-428-9558 or stop by our store in Hillsborough!