Why isn’t my mouse working?

Quick Troubleshooter for Mouse Not Working

  • If using a wireless keyboard & mouse, make sure the batteries are newer and that the light under the mouse is on. Some may not have a visible light but if your mouse used to show red light make sure it does show red light
  • If you are using a wired mouse, try using different USB ports in the back of the computer. First try a black USB port. If that doesn’t work then try a blue USB port, if you get the same result and still not working try the step below.
  • In device manager scroll to mouse, see if there is any errors there OR if it is showing “mouse” icon when plugged in. Sometimes a quick fix includes right clicking the mouse, selecting uninstall. Doing that then restarting the computer could resolve the issue.
  • When none of the steps above work there is a possibility more drivers are corrupted or windows it’self is corrupted. Just to be sure there isn’t any other hardware issues, if you happen to have a USB flash drive with Windows 10 on it  you can try booting to that and on the setup screen you can then move the mouse around. If you are able to move the mouse around then it’s software issue within windows.
  • If your keyboard works and you know your way around navigating windows with keyboard shortcuts then going to device manager and going back to mouse and selecting it and select 2nd option “uninstall & delete” that will delete the corrupt driver.
  • One solution I have found with Windows 10 that can work, is running windows install over the top. With Windows 10 you can often run a repair/install over itself without losing data. If you have a flash drive already made you can run Windows 10 setup and that should fix any corruption that exists on the Windows levels. Data should be find however you should always make sure you have a data backup before performing any installation.

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