Add WiFi to Your Desktop PC

Laptop computers have surged in popularity, and with that grew our dependence on WiFi. With most computers, having a wireless connection is almost assumed; however, when it comes to desktop computers it should not be. Laptops are made to be portable while desktops are meant to reside in one place. If your current desktop does not have built-in WiFi, you will have to rely upon an Ethernet cord which can be inconvenient if your desktop is placed somewhere a cord cannot reach. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to add WiFi to your desktop PC that does not involve buying an entire new computer. 

No Wi-Fi No Problem!

As we mentioned, there are three main ways to add WiFi to your desktop PC, and they each have their benefits and drawbacks. If you have any questions about which method would work best for you, contact our computer repair specialists at 908-428-9558.

USB Wi-FI Adapter

The cheapest and easiest way to connect your desktop PC to a wireless network is by using a USB Wi-Fi Adapter. What does a WiFi Adapter do? Simply put, it connects your computer to a router using radio waves, which then gets passed to networks. All you have to do is connect the adapter through an available USB port on your computer. Depending on the adapter you buy, you may have to install a driver, but other than that you should have access to WiFi. What are the downsides? 

  • Your connection gets lost when your computer goes to sleep. To avoid this, you will have to adjust your settings.
  • Performance can fluctuate depending on the adapter. The cheaper the adapter, the more trouble you will potentially encounter.

At our computer repair shop, we have several USB Wi-Fi Adapters for you to choose from, and we are happy to provide guidance on which works best for you.

PCIe WiFi Card

While PCIe adapters are also relatively convenient, they provide a much better connection than USB adapters. What is a WiFi Card? Also known as Local Area Network (LAN) cards, these are adapters that get installed into your system to give your desktop computer access to WiFi. Most of the time, the connections are much more stable and reliable compared to what you would get from USB adapters. A network card would be your best option if you are going to continually rely upon a wireless network, or if you know you are going to be using all the available USB ports. When would a WiFi Card not be the best option?

  • PCIe WiFi Cards are much more expensive than USB Wi-Fi Adapters.
  • WiFi cards require installation into your system.
  • Depending on your machine’s current setup, you may not have room to install a network card.

If you do want to proceed with a PCIe WiFi Card, but you are hesitant about installation, our technicians would be happy to help! Dave’s Computers provides in-home appointments, so you do not have to pack up and bring all of your desktop components. We can provide assistance with any machine. 

Wi-Fi Enabled Motherboard

The best option is to purchase a Wi-Fi enabled motherboard. There are many different options to choose from, and there is some variation among the different kinds. Purchasing a Wi-Fi enabled motherboard is the most expensive option, but it will give you permanent Wi-Fi access, and you won’t have to worry about connectivity issues. Need help installing your new motherboard? If you are unfamiliar with the hardware and setup of your computer, it would be best to leave installation to a trained and experienced professional. Not only can we install motherboards, but we also offer repair services should you run into issues down the road.

Desktop Computer Repair Specialists of New Jersey

We love computers, and we love helping you with any computer issue you have. Wi-Fi is such a highly needed and valuable tool, so if you need help adding Wi-Fi to your desktop computer, we are here to help. Stop by our store in Hillsborough or give us a call at 908-428-9558.