5 Top Causes of Hard Drive Failure

There are many different reasons for hard drive failure some of which are common and others that occur at a moment’s notice and without any warning.  This is why it is important to remember to establish a backup strategy and then stick with it to ensure you can recover important data quickly and effectively. That … Read more

What is Carbonite? Why it can help!

  Carbonite is an Online Backup which implies that it is meant to be a backup of all your files that are on your computer. There are many other companies that offer the similar service as Carbonite, but it is most recommended because of its added benefits and commendable features, some of its unique features … Read more

How to Avoid Data Loss on an External USB Storage Device

External USB storage devices are a handy tool for backing up and storing data.  At the same token, you must remember that USB storage devices such as an external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc. are technology, and technology is always prone to failure.  Even if you store your data using more than one device, … Read more