Computer Help: How to Make Your Computer Run Faster and More Efficiently

Windows is awash in a seemingly endless sea of free applications and programs. Which ones can you trust and which ones are the best? Check out this list of must have tools that can help keep your computer running smoothly. Dave’s Computer is here for you to assist you with all of your Windows needs and computer help, whether you are using it for personal use or for business activities in the Sarasota area.

Computer Help Overview- Speccy

Can’t remember what kind of RAM your system has or do you need a quick glance the overall health of your computer systems? Speccy will can your computer and offer coputer help with a complete rundown of all systems, data, and specs from software, to memory usage, to available drive space. It’s also available in portable form that requires no downloading. Best of all, it can be used any time and anywhere you have a need with computer help.

System Adjustments- Ultimate Windows Tweaker

When you first set up your computer and install the Windows platform, you will spend a great deal of time playing with settings, options, and customizations that will get everything just the way you want it. Chances are you will discover new options and settings later and try them out to see how they look and how they work for you. Apps like this make this a lot easier. This is because it allows you to tweak and play around with the tiniest features and it’ll help you quickly restore your system to the previous settings should you not like the new look and feel of your tinkering.

Firewall Protection System- Emisof

This firewall platform is widely recognized and is considered by many to be one of the best firewalls available. Start off with an amazing 30 day free trial access of the full premium version. Once the trial is over you can downgrade to a free limited version or sign up for one of several paid service plans for the ultimate computer help and protection. The free version includes a secure firewall and as well as an amazing host intrusion prevention system. On top of that, the premium version provides users with a full line of customizable advances options for security.

Windows Task Manager – Process Explorer

The standard version of Task Manager can show reveal a wide variety of information about your computer, available memory, what programs are running, and other valuable information. But sometimes a situation arises where you need more information and computer help than what the standard task manager can offer. This is where the specific detailed readings of Process Explorer can come into play and make all the difference.

Hard Drive Assistance- WinDirStat

Despite your best efforts, one day it will happen- your computer gives you a notice that it is running out of space. Where is it all going? Not sure? Then you need WinDirStat and it will tell you everything you need to know about your computer storage and memory usage. It scans all computer systems and shows you what files and programs are using the biggest chunks of your memory. If you have tried the basis disk cleaning programs and still need help, then give WinDirStat a try!

Windows has an almost endless supply of free applications and programs that you can use to help your computer run more effectively. Which ones are the best? Which ones do you really need? We here at Dave’s Computer can help you get the most out of your computer and help you enjoy it to its fullest potential, whether you live in Sarasota, Venice, or Siesta Key!

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