How to Do a System Restore

computer support system restoreLet’s say you install a new piece of software and then your computer starts acting up. You try to uninstall the software but something goes wrong. You have a problem and you aren’t sure what to do about it. Before you contact computer help professionals, keep in mind that there is a solution to your issue, and it is one you can manage right at home. All you need to do is know how to use system restore. This is a utility built right into your Windows operating system designed specifically to handle these types of issues, which is a convenient method of computer help for business owners.

Essentially, system restore allows you to roll your whole computer back to an earlier date before whatever went wrong. It will return files, settings, and other controls to the point in time that you choose. This can deal with many issues without you needing to contact a computer support service. So, how do you use system restore? We will discuss using the tool in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

System Restore for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

Start by going to your control panel. To get to this, open the charm bar on the right side of your desktop and choose settings. Once the settings menu opens, you can choose control panel.

In control panel, you will be looking for one of two things: system and security or just system. If you find system and security, you will need to click on system in the next window. The way your icons are set up will affect what you see here. If you have trouble with this, then contact a computer repair service for help.

When you arrive at the system menu, you will need to choose system protection, which will appear as a link. When you do this, a new window will appear and you can choose system restore. Once you choose this option, you will see a system restore menu come up and you need to click next.

After you do that, then you will see a list of restore points categorized by date. You will need to choose a date that will go back before when your computer started causing you problems. After choosing a date, click next. You will be asked if you are sure youw ant to perform a system restore and you should click yes and then finish.

You will be asked again if you want to do this, and this time it will remind you that you cannot use or turn off your computer until the system restore is complete. Again, click yes. You will have to wait for your computer to do several things until the system restore is complete and your computer restarts.

This can resolve many of the problems you may run into with your computer. However, if you are still having issues, then you can get computer help from a professional computer help service, like We can pinpoint the problem and then provide you with the computer help you need.

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