System restore

How to restore Windows 10 to recover data or settings

One neat thing about Windows 10 is the ability to tweak and customize it to fit your personality and needs. One bad thing about Windows 10 is the ability to tweak and customize it to fir your personality and needs. On one hand customization is a good thing and on the other hand it isn’t. … Read more

How to Do a System Restore

Let’s say you install a new piece of software and then your computer starts acting up. You try to uninstall the software but something goes wrong. You have a problem and you aren’t sure what to do about it. Before you contact computer help professionals, keep in mind that there is a solution to your … Read more

Dave’s Tech Support Tips: How to Command a Prompt System Restore

If you run into problems with your computer, sometimes, a system restore can be very helpful. In many cases, an update, new software or other change recently made could be the reason your machine is acting up and you’ll need the assistance of tech support. In those cases, when you restore your computer back to … Read more

How to Use Windows System Restore

Your Windows computer has something called a system restore utility that can be very helpful as a recovery method when something goes wrong. The utility will often allow you to manage issues without the need of a computer repair service, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it. … Read more