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How to recover deleted files from iCloud

On the back of Wednesday’s blog post about data backups and recovery, a customer came into the store wanting to know how they could recover some deleted files from iCloud. They had been backing up their college work to iCloud but had accidentally deleted them when housekeeping. So how can you recover them? iCloud is […]

We are only four weeks into the new year and we here at Dave’s Computers have already seen customers come to us with data loss issues. Hard drives have failed, users have tried to recover data themselves and most of them lost it for good. I think now is a good time to set a […]

After putting together ‘Can you repair a broken hard drive?’ last week, I began wondering if there are some practical things you can do to maximize the life of a working drive. Data recovery is a big part of what we do here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey but we really wish it wasn’t. […]

You only realize how much you depend on your computer when something goes wrong. Or how much data you store that you never want to lose until your hard drive stops working. The data recovery experts here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey contend with these issues every day. Perhaps the most common question we […]

Here at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey, we are strong advocates of having backups. Even if it’s a basic backup of all your documents and pictures, it still makes a huge difference should anything happen to your drive or computer. One of the backup mediums we are always suggesting is external storage. But what happens […]

If you have ever accidentally hit delete or removed a file in Windows, it doesn’t actually mean it is gone forever. A couple of quick checks can tell you whether the file is still present and can be recovered. If all else fails, your friendly computer repair team at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey are […]