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How to change DNS server in Windows 10

When the cable guy or supplier sets up your broadband, they set up a standard DNS provider so you can get connected right away. Depending on who supplies your connection, this could be the ISPs own DNS servers. They work well enough but aren’t always the fastest or most secure. Did you know you can […]

There is no doubt that we are gradually becoming more plugged into the internet. The rise of mobile ownership, tablets and the emergence of the Internet of Things has meant most homes now have a wireless network and multiple devices connecting to it. If you want to build a network for your home, which is […]

Little happens in tech that doesn’t require an internet connection to make it happen. Whether you’re investing in a smart home, buying into Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or just want multiple devices to have access to the internet. You need a home network to make it happen. While easier than ever before, there is still […]