Disable Devices in Windows 7

Device manager is designed to give you access to different pieces of hardware and ports on your machine. There are times when you may need to disable a device whether it is causing a problem or you suspect it may be. In either case, you don’t have to call in a computer repair service to perform … Read more

How to Download Software Safely

If you do very much with your computer, then there are different kinds of software you may wish to download. However, with so many viruses and malware floating around, you may be afraid to do so. The good news is that you don’t need computer help to download software safely. You just need to know … Read more

How to Reset Windows 7 Password

You wouldn’t be the first person that it happened to. In fact, you wouldn’t even be the hundredth. We all have moments where we forget passwords, and that is why there is always a way to reset things. If you have Windows 7 running on your machine, and you find that you have forgotten your … Read more

Access Device Manager Windows 7

If you are having trouble with hardware on your computer, then you may need to access device manager. This is the section where you can see all of your peripherals, including devices as well as adaptors and plug ins. Often, you can see right from this screen if a device is not working, and if … Read more

How to Locate a Service Pack Version

Over time, Microsoft releases something called service packs that update the operating system itself. Sometimes, when things go wrong with your computer, you will actually need to know what service pack you currently have on your machine. In fact, when you contact computer support professionals, they may need to know this as well. Of course, … Read more

How to Fix Windows Update Problems

Windows Update is there for your own good, and it protects your computer by sending out patches and safety upgrades that the machine needs. Microsoft has something they call “Patch Tuesday”, which means they release new patches through Windows update once a week on Tuesdays. What happens, though, if you update something through Windows Update … Read more

How to Find Your Windows Version

Many times, when you look for guides and how-to instructions for your computer, one of the first things you need to know is what version of Windows you actually have. You don’t need computer help to find out the answer to this question either. This information can be very important since you may need to … Read more

Change Your Windows 7 Password

These days, you cannot be too secure with data you have on your computer. After all, hackers have gotten more sophisticated, and that could mean all sorts of problems that even require data recovery for help. Not only that, if you have to leave your machine unattended for even a short time, someone could easily … Read more