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Windows 10

How to change DNS server in Windows 10

When the cable guy or supplier sets up your broadband, they set up a standard DNS provider so you can get connected right away. Depending on who supplies your connection, this could be the ISPs own DNS servers. They work well enough but aren’t always the fastest or most secure. Did you know you can … Read more

Next Windows 10 update on the horizon

The next Windows 10 feature update is due in October 2018 and should bring with it a few new tricks. It won’t bring a fancy new name like Creator’s Update though. It is called Redstone 5 internally, which is almost a Star Wars reference but I think that was by accident as it’s release name … Read more

Deleted doesn’t always mean what you think it does in Windows

If you have ever accidentally hit delete or removed a file in Windows, it doesn’t actually mean it is gone forever. A couple of quick checks can tell you whether the file is still present and can be recovered. If all else fails, your friendly computer repair team at Dave’s Computers in New Jersey are … Read more

How to stop programs from opening on startup in Windows

Windows lets any program add itself to startup. Anything you install onto your computer can set itself to automatically load when you first boot your computer. This is fine if it’s one or two but if you install lots of programs it can slow your computer down. Lots of customers who come to our New … Read more

How to fix Boot Device Not Found errors in Windows 10

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – How to fix Boot Device Not Found errors in Windows 10 The Boot Device Not Found error is not something you ever want to see as it means Windows cannot see or access your hard drive. While it may seem serious, it is actually fairly straightforward to troubleshoot in the … Read more

How to fix Windows 10 error 0xc004f014

Windows 10 error 0xc004f014 is an activation error that was very common during the early days of the operating system. Even now, the error still appears occasionally. If you’re upgrading a computer to Windows 10 and see error 0xc004f014, here is how to fix it. The error is linked to the Microsoft Key Management Service … Read more

Change the lock screen background in Windows 10

If you share your computer or use Windows 10 at work, customizing the lock screen is one way of personalizing your desktop. As long as you have permission, you can change the lock screen background in Windows 10 to anything you want. It’s a small thing but can make a big difference if you leave … Read more

How to change the lock screen in Windows 10

The lock screen within Windows 10 is a very underutilized part of the operating system. Usually, we get past it as quickly as possible so we can get on with our work or play. But the lock screen can be more useful if you want it to be. You can place apps there to add … Read more