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Top computer security tips for home users

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – Top computer security tips for home users Of all the computer subjects we read about in the media, security is usually top of the agenda. For longer than I can remember, computer users have had to protect their networks and their computers from hacking, viruses and malware. So we were […]

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – Top network security tips for home users If you read yesterday’s post ‘Top computer security tips for home users’ you will already have an idea of how to protect your computer while connected to the internet. If you have a wireless or wired network in your home, you need to […]

  Computer viruses still pose a very real threat to laptop users, which is why customers often come to Dave’s Computers for computer help and data recovery. Despite advancements in IT and computer technology in recent years, computer experts confirm that viruses have always been – and will likely continue to be – one of […]

The real benefit of anti-virus programs for computer support on your laptop or PC is tied into the consequences of what happens when you do not have an anti-virus software. The internet is not secure by any means and just as you would not travel through another country without protection and planning of some kind, […]

New reports have risen and there is a new concern over a dangerous computer malware program that is wreaking havoc on computers around the world. Known as the TorrentLocker ransomware scam, this attack has now attacked,encrypted, and damaged an estimated 285 million files on thousands of computers. At Dave’s Computer we understand how important computers […]