Computer Support: RAM & Memory Basics

Although the term memory, when applied to pieces of equipment or machines, is technically used to refer to any form of electronic storage, it most commonly applied to fast, temporary forms of storage. Low memory can cause computers to improperly perform, causing you to turn to computer support for help. The most common example of this type of memory is found in your computer. If the processor of your desktop or laptop had to constantly dial into and pull information from the main hard drive, it would operate very slowly. When the information and data needed for functions such as starting up, running hardware, and performing basic routine functions is kept in memory, the computer system can pull from it and load that data much faster. Most forms of memory are intended to store data temporarily and it is also one of the most common areas of computer support that we at Dave’s Computer see.

Many people do not understand the basics of the computer system, which is why we are proud to service the in the Palmer Ranch and Lakewood Ranch areas of Florida with computer support. Memory helps keep your computer running and functioning. Every device you plug in such as a mouse or keyboard and every program you run and operate such as a browser or a word processor, every thing you use on your computer has to be accessed through the computer’s memory system.

Computer Support: The Components of Memory

All of the components in your computer are part of the same team and they work together to the ultimate goal- getting the computer to do what you want it to do. From the instant the computer gets juice and comes on until the time it is shut down for the day, it is constantly using memory. Let’s take a look at a typical scenario of how your computer uses this all important memory:

  • You switch on the power and turn the computer on.
  • The computer loads basic programs from the ROM-Read Only Memory- which loads the basic programs that do not change and cannot be altered on your computer.
  • The computer will then finish booting up and will work on loading up the basic input/output system (BIOS) from ROM, which will allow it to receive and give commands.
  • Next is the operating system that gets loaded from the Random Access Memory; the critical parts of your computer are operated here so as long as the computer is on.
  • When you open an application such as a word processors or a computer game, it is loaded into, the RAM drive in pieces so that it can be started up faster and other pieces will be continually loaded as needed.
  • After your chosen application has been loaded, any files or additional data that is needed are opened for and loaded into RAM sot hey can be accessed more quickly if you call on them while using the application.
  • When you decide to save a file and close out of the application, the file is saved to a designated spot on the drive and it and the application you were running are purged from RAM so that memory is free for future use.

It is easy to see that the memory system of the computer is a complex and essential part of any computer, hence the need for a lot of computer support in this area. No matter what you want to do with your computer you have to have enough memory, the right kind of memory, and a functioning system for memory storage and retrieval. If one thing goes wrong the entire computer can be compromised. So if you need help with your computers, call Dave’s Computer  for computer support and let us give you good memories of your computer memory!

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