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How to perform a Windows 10 repair install

A Windows 10 repair installation is a troubleshooting method that will overlay your existing installation with fresh copies of settings and core files. It is usually a process of last resort and is only really used once other troubleshooting steps have failed. So today’s computer repair post from Dave’s Computers is all about recovering Windows […]

Today’s computer repair post is about prevention rather than cure. When securing your wireless network, what security protocol should you use? WPA2-TKIP or WPA2-AES? If you’re setting up a WiFi network, you are going to come up against security. Now the WPA and WPA2 question has been answered, (only ever use WPA2), we get to […]

  The Windows 10 Taskbar is the center of how we work with our computer so today’s computer repair post is all about fixing it when it stops responding. For some reason, the Taskbar can freeze or generally not respond as it should but there are a couple things you can do to fix it. […]

  You might be getting ready to get a computer repair in New Jersey, but if you pay attention to some useful computer maintenance tips, you can make your visits to repair shops less frequent. Keep in mind that a computer is a machine and most of the problems that take place with it are […]

Dave’s Computers is your local computer store based in Hillsborough New Jersey. We have served our community for a number of years and hope to continue serving you for plenty more. Given how many computer stores there are around, both parts of large chains and individuals like us, why should you support us instead of […]

7 Tips for Choosing a Computer Repair Professional Today is the age of technology, and when your computer goes down, your life goes down with it. It’s now part of our culture to do many things online: work, school, play, and bank along with any number of other daily activities. When you need computer repair, […]