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Dave’s guide to Microsoft PST and OST files | New Jersey Computer Repair

Whenever you use or create an email address in Microsoft Outlook, all the data within that email account is contained within a .pst (Personal Folders file). This is a database-type file that Outlook uses to keep everything organized. An .ost, Outlook Data File is essentially a mirror of your Exchange mailbox held locally on your […]

  Last week around a million Google Docs users were hit with a very clever phishing scam. While Google has taken down the offending app and closed the loophole that allowed it to happen, there are still risks with the platform. So what was the attack all about and what do you look for to […]

We had a drop in at our Hillsborough computer store the other day. Not to drop of a computer for us to repair or data for us to recover but to ask us about what skills are required to become a computer repair technician. It always excites me when I see the next generation of […]

This week’s computer repair post was prompted by a guy who came into our Hillsborough computer store earlier this week. He had spilled his coffee over his older Dell laptop and wanted to know if we could save it. This seems to happen a lot, especially if you work or study at home. So how […]

There is something in the law of thermodynamics that says energy conversion generates heat. Now I’m no scientist but I can attest to the accuracy of this. Computers get hot. That heat is a direct result of the conversion of electricity into action within the components of your computer. So how do you stop a […]

I think Windows 10 is the best version so far. It has come such a long way since the early days of Windows 3.11 and I should know because I have been there every step of the way. One thing Microsoft still hasn’t gotten right is Windows Update. While Windows 10 has tamed it a […]