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Most common computer repair requests: How to set up a NAS drive

Given how many requests we get here at Dave’s Computers to set up NAS (Network-Attached Storage) drives, it seems our neighbors in Hillsborough and New Jersey are making great use of this shared storage. That is what prompted this week’s computer repair post. It seems many of you are interested in the technology but don’t […]

One of the most common problems for the modern computer user is that of disk space. It is a challenge that faces all of us regardless of whether we are a home user, small business or multinational. We all collect data by the gigabyte and at some point, we run out of places to store […]

  Picture the scene. You get into work or want to use your home computer, hit the power button and nothing happens. The computer beeps, shows the logo and won’t boot into Windows. How what? What exactly can you do if Windows won’t boot? This is one of the most common computer repair requests we […]

If you read ‘Data recovery myths that really need to be busted’, you will already know that I have an intense dislike for the misinformation that plagues the computer repair industry. Some are accidental but many are perpetuated by some within the industry to keep itself profitable. Dave’s Computers isn’t like that. We prefer to […]

Welcome to the second part of our two part computer repair series where we show you how we decide whether a computer issue is hardware or software. I meant to complete this series a couple weeks ago but work and life got in the way. It has turned into a two part series too! We […]

While many elements of computer science, server configuration and networking are complicated, many aspects of computer repair are not. Our industry is full of myths and legends, most are harmless and a big of fun and some are a barrier to entry for both newcomers into the industry and to potential customers looking to keep […]