How to fix ‘This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection’ in Windows 10


If you’re seeing the message ‘This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection’, it means you are trying to do something Windows doesn’t want you to do. The message is part of SmartScreen, a feature of User Account Control (UAC) within Windows 10. It is an essential protection designed to keep core Windows files safe.

That’s not to say it doesn’t get things wrong sometimes because it does. Occasionally, even attempting to install a seemingly benign app can trigger this message.

Fix ‘This App Has Been Blocked For Your Protection’ in Windows 10

Before we go turning any system protection off though, it’s useful to remember that as much as it might get in the way or annoy you, it is there for your protection. Windows tries to protect its integrity as much as possible so it can keep working. While an app may seem harmless, it may contain something that causes problems with your machine. Disabling SmartScreen is simple, but should only be done if you’re confident of the app you’re installing.

  1. Right click on the Windows Start button and select Control Panel.
  2. Select System and Security and then Security and Maintenance.
  3. Click Change Windows SmartScreen settings in the left pane.
  4. Select Turn off Windows SmartScreen.

You may as well turn down or off UAC too while you’re there.

  1. Go back to the Security and Maintenance screen.
  2. Select Change User Account Control settings.
  3. Select the minimum protection or turn it off completely

Now you can install your app or do whatever it is you need to do without Windows getting in the way. I would suggest turning SmartScreen and UAC back on once you have installed it and everything is working as intended.

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