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How to troubleshoot your internet connection

You only realize how much you depend on the internet when your internet connection goes down. Usually, the first thing we do is call the ISP to see what’s up, but there are a few things you can do yourself before waiting in a call queue for half an hour. As connected people ourselves, the […]

Sounds serious doesn’t it? ‘DPC Watchdog Violation’ sounds like something you would be accused of in court. It’s actually a Windows error telling you there’s a problem with your SSD driver. There are other occasions where a different driver or firmware is at fault but the majority of them we see are for SSDs. This […]

Dave’s Computer Repair Blog – How to fix Boot Device Not Found errors in Windows 10 The Boot Device Not Found error is not something you ever want to see as it means Windows cannot see or access your hard drive. While it may seem serious, it is actually fairly straightforward to troubleshoot in the […]

  The Windows 10 Taskbar is the center of how we work with our computer so today’s computer repair post is all about fixing it when it stops responding. For some reason, the Taskbar can freeze or generally not respond as it should but there are a couple things you can do to fix it. […]

A customer came into Dave’s Computer store this week asking about their internet connection and why they couldn’t connect. We had an in-depth discussion about what could be wrong and all the steps the customer could take to remedy the situation. It was quite difficult to do as troubleshooting internet connections is one of those […]

Not being able to send and receive emails in Outlook is one of the most common problems our remote support specialists have to contend with. All businesses and most home users rely completely on email to communicate and be productive and any disruption to it can have serious repercussions. Or at the least be very […]