Computer Help: How to Locate Your Internet Explorer Version

Have you ever noticed that if you don’t have the current version of a type of software, then you can run into issues just because other types of software may not work properly with it? Often, you can rectify various problems simply by taking the time to upgrade software. In fact, if you don’t have the newest version of Internet Explorer, then you may not be getting all of the features available. Of course, how do you know if you have the current version of Internet Explorer or if you need to upgrade? With Dave’s Computers computer help tips, it’s easy to find your current version of IE.

This tutorial will help you find the right information so that you don’t have to contact a computer repair service. Of course, if you discover you do need to upgrade and you are unsure of what to do, then a computer support professional can help you.

You really only have to go through a couple of steps in order to find out what version you have of Internet Explorer.

Begin by opening your Internet browser.

Once you have it opened Internet Explorer, then the next step would be to click on the gear icon that shows up at the top right of the screen. If you don’t see a gear, that would indicate that you have a much older version of Internet Explorer and you would need to click on Help. Once a menu opens, then you should look for a button that says About Internet Explorer.

When you click on this button, then should see a screen with a big Internet Explorer logo on a window that comes up in the middle of the screen. Underneath the logo, you will see the version you currently have. To determine if that is the newest one, you can do a quick Internet search.

In addition to seeing the logo and the version, you will also see a checkbox that will allow Internet Explorer to automatically update itself. This way, you will always have the newest version of Internet Explorer on your computer without having to do anything or contact a computer help service. If you check this box, you will always have the updates, but if you leave it unchecked, then you will need to manually install the updates each time.

Right now, the newest version of Internet Explorer is 11, and if you have that version, then you will not need to perform any updates. If you have anything older, then you will want to update it. If you have any problems with that, then you can contact a computer repair service for assistance.

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