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Five reasons you should use a VPN

Here at Dave’s Computers, we often advocate using a VPN service whenever you go online. To us it’s a no-brainer and something we do automatically. We were asked the other day by a customer in our New Jersey computer store just why we were so in favor of them. That prompted this post. If one … Read more

Chrome 70 brings Progressive Web Apps

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we were celebrating the arrival of Chrome 69. The tenth anniversary of the browser went down well initially but that reception soon soured when people realized they were being logged into all Google services without being notified. Now Chrome 70 is here and brings with it … Read more

What’s the fuss about with WiFi 6?

If you read tech news, you may have seen a lot of talk about WiFi 6. It’s the next generation of WiFi standard announced by the powers that be. But what happened to WiFi 1 to 5? What does it mean and what is all the fuss about? Dave’s Computers in New Jersey is here … Read more

Facebook hacked. What you need to do now

Last week, Facebook announced that over 50 million accounts had been hacked. The issue isn’t just this hack of Facebook accounts but also the loss of account entry keys that integrate with Facebook Connect. This could potentially lead to further data loss and companies are still trying to figure out how far the losses could … Read more

The best new features of Chrome 69

It’s the tenth anniversary of Google Chrome this year and to celebrate it gets a new look and some cool new features in Chrome 69. Available right now, the browser has a flat design to bring it in line with many apps and some extra tricks. As a Firefox Quantum user, I wanted to find … Read more

What is real-time ray tracing and why should you care?

If you have been following the coverage of Nvidia’s new graphics cards, you will have seen lots of talk of ray tracing. The new RTX series graphics cards were announced last month and will be hitting stores soon. As well as being faster and much more expensive, they are making a big thing out of … Read more

G Suite review

If you’re a local business in Hillsborough, office and productivity apps can be quite an expense. You either have to pay up front or per month per person to access Microsoft Office or use a free alternative such like Libre Office. Now there is a third way. Google Apps for Work or G Suite as … Read more

4 Free Google Tools to Boost Your Computer Repair Company’s SEO

Computer repair professionals are service people, consultants, and tech experts. Because of this, it’s important also to be good SEOs. While SEO changes on a regular basis, there are several free tools designed to help computer repair experts improve their SEO. With these tools, you can rank well in Google and become more visible customers. … Read more